Saturday, August 12, 2006

Health Food Prescriptions:

My wife and I take some time in the evening to share stories of our days. Mine are usually about how great the kids are, or how they are driving me crazy and about all the things I told her I'd get to today that I wasn't able to... Sometimes she has a gem about a patient or other doc to share. Always first names only of course.

My wife often becomes the primary care doc for her patients since she sees them so often anyway. Managing someones kidneys often means also managing their hypertension and diabetes and other chronic problems, trying to keep their kidneys alive as long as possible before starting dialysis. This boils down to taking a LOT of meds for some folks.

If I spent the time sharing with you all the times she's heard "Oh, I'm not a pill taker" or "I dont' like to take a lot of pills" I'd have to pay for more bandwidth. Unfortunately, unless you want to end up on dialysis in a hurry you have to control your diabetes and hypertension.

When folks come in for their checkups they are asked to bring in all their medications so she can be sure they are still taking what she thinks they are taking, that they are actually taking it and that other docs they might have seen haven't changed or added or taken away things. So she tells me about one of her "little old ladies" that comes in with her bag of pills and in there she find a big jar of fancy expensive vitamins from a local shop we'll call "natures gift" We've bought stuff in there ourselves, nothing inherently wrong with a health food store! However, what she doesn't find in the bag are any of her cholesterol lowering meds. So she asked her where those where:

"OH, thank goodness Jerry took me off all those horrible pills!"

"Who's Jerry?"

"The owner of Natures Gift"

Queue spit take! The owner of the local health food store is now taking people off their prescribed medications and selling them big jars of vitamins? Oh, I'm sure this is going to be fodder for lots of good stories in the future. I do hope that none of them end up with people in the hospital or ending up on dialysis earlier than they needed to be, but I wont hold my breath.

Now my daughter is asking me to help her get a dress on a barbie doll. Dressing dolls is harder than you might think and I'm getting rather good at it lately. I've had my coffee so it's time to go turn off the TV and play with the kids.


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